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Proudly a preferred supplier of NSW Department of Education

Proudly a preferred supplier of NSW Department of Education

The only platform you need to uplift student literacy capability

Cleverbean is an Australian K-6 lesson planning solution that enables the teaching of complex literacy skills with unbeatable teacher confidence - so you can worry less about leveling out teacher capabilities and focus more on the metrics that show where students require more support.

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How it works

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What’s in the platform

The latest research, translated into units and lesson plans. Our expert team review and critique how to take complex concepts and turn them into lessons and instruction that compliments literacy curriculum outcomes. These ready-to-pick-up, highly open-ended materials step through the gradual release of responsibility (I do, We do, You do), and excel in instruction to ensure the most critical and creative thinking from students.

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The results

72% of our teachers boast their confidence in teaching key skills and concepts has enormously increased, showing an effective result for on-the-job professional development and teacher happiness. 96% of teachers also say Cleverbean saves them time in planning. 98% of teachers say that their students are highly engaged when using Cleverbean lessons.

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School set up & support

We've taken the burden away from the school with our light touch easy set up. All you need to provide is teacher names and email addresses and we can have your school up and running within 24 hours. Your school, and individuals teachers also have 1-1 support via a live chat. We’re here to support in any way whenever you need it.

Review the research that is embedded through Cleverbean

Learn what research is firmly baked into Cleverbean so you know what to expect, and how your team will upskill in areas related to their own personal teaching practice.

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Our Team

Our team of teachers, creatives and technologists have two goals; to improve the progress and joy of learning in students, and to empower teachers to do their best work in the classroom. Students and teachers will both be developing their intricate knowledge of skills as they move towards mastery.

Lucy and Alina founded Cleverbean in 2019 when Lucy was fed up with the quality of support teachers were given for the classroom practice. Get to know Lucy and Alina more below!

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is a primary school teacher of 15 years, teacher mentor, committee member of ALEA in ACT and a huge advocate for keeping education organisations accountable for quality, being transparent in how they use what research to support schools

From very early in her career when struggling to engage students in their learning, she went on a quest to find the key principles that led to increased engagement, positive classroom behaviours and learning outcomes for every style of student, with any learning disability.

Lucy developed a blue print of lesson mastery for learning mastery, practicing this within her own classrooms, her peers classrooms and her graduates classrooms to refine her work which has become Cleverbean.

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explores complex problems and designs experiences that delicately weave meaningful technology into real-life environments. After dedicating her career to doing this with some of Australia’s most recognised brands such as Qantas, Temple & Webster, and Sydney Opera House, she chose to redirect her skills to her area of passion, in education.

She found that teachers were limited by the tools on offer, many providing conflicting experiences that left them feeling redundant from the learning experience. Others while helpful, still required a lot of adaptation to meet basic needs.

She wants to create a paradigm shift in education, where we hero and empower the teacher as the most important asset in the classroom.

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What’s coming soon on Cleverbean - AI driven invisible assessment

Partner schools will soon have access to trial AI driven tools that improve student writing exponentially. This will give students real-time feedback on their writing, while translating their practice work into invisible assessment for teachers and schools.

This market leading transformation is carefully tuned to ensure high real-life classroom participation and extremely high visibility of insights for schools on where writing gaps are and how to address them.

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