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Explore hundreds
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Kids are engaged when they’re creating. That’s why our

lessons are hands on

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“ I love that I can save my favourite lessons to personalise my account for me. Although the best part is having incredible lessons already written and ready to go with clear learning intentions, curriculum outcomes and ideas for adapting them to cater for differing needs. "

Sam - Kariong, NSW, Australia

"The fact many lessons can be adapted to suit a variety of ages and the way all content links to the curriculum is just wonderful. The images provide a guide, meaning it’s quick to identify the outcome of each lesson! Such a fantastic support for teachers!"

Michelle - Randwick, NSW, Australia


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Onset & Rime

CVC Blocks

Learning Intention: Composing CVC words

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Post-it Retells

Learning Intention: Retell the key events or information of a given text.

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Trading Cards

Learning Intention: Students are able to represent the main ideas from complex texts in the form of a trading card.

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Did you know almost half of the Australian population have reading skills below that of a grade 3 student? The shame around being illiterate is crippling lives. Let's break the cycle using the latest research in quality education to serve learning outcomes and give your students and children the best education possible.

Source: OECD Skills Outlook Report 2013

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