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Phonological Awareness

Phonological awareness is having the ability to hear and manipulate individual sounds. Phonological awareness tasks do not involve print, it is an auditory skill. The phonological awareness lessons take on a hands-on approach to intrigue and capture little learners. Students will engage in games, books and chants to enjoy and recognise sounds in different words. Accompanying hand-crafted and editable resources, will help to create individualised learning experiences for all classrooms. Phonics and phonological awareness are both crucial language skills that go hand in hand, however, are different in their teaching and learning outcomes. Check out how we approach phonics.

Skills covered


Listens closely to sounds and can identify and create rhyme.

Onset & Rime

Separates initial sound (onset) and the letters that follow (rime). This is a key component in beginning to understand word families to hear and identify other words with similar patterns.

Word Understanding

Knows what a word is and that letters and sounds make up a word.


Students learn to recognise and understand the 44 sounds or phonemes.

Blending & Segmenting Phonemes

Hearing and manipulating individual sounds.

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