What do you do with an idea?

Looking for a thought provoking picture book that will captivate a classroom? You're in luck.

‘What do you do with an idea?’, by Kobi Yamada, is an inspirational story that follows a young boy’s quest to bring a very special idea to life. Throughout his journey, he comes face to face with a variety of obstacles which threaten to derail his idea entirely. He refuses to give up, forging ahead against all odds and nurturing his idea with love. What results is a most magical blossoming, captured wonderfully through whimsical illustrations.

‘What do you do with an idea?’ means something pretty special to the team here at Cleverbean. Like the boy in the book, we too had a idea, and we’re proud as punch to be bringing it to life.

So - what’s this all about? It’s pretty simple, really. We’re passionate about reading and learning, and we want everyone else to be, too. But with a huge number of school children falling below the average reading level, we realised there was some work to be done.

From our research, it was clear that the education system’s current approach to reading wasn’t working for every child. This was no surprise, as every child learns differently - in fact, every human learns differently! We started thinking about how we could use technology to revolutionise the way children learn to read. What if we could create ways that celebrated individualised learning, a hands on approach to learning and saved teachers oooodles of time. What if we could reduce the amount of kids thrown infront of reading apps and showed them how captivating being away from a screen can be too. The more we thought about it, the more excited we became.

United by our shared passion, we chipped away at the problem, working together to create a tangible, user-friendly solution. We couldn’t be happier with what we've created so far: a home for teachers to access free quality lessons across the whole reading gamut, a home for literacy lesson inspiration and explicit learning anyone can pick up, teach, and be proud of the outcomes.

What’s the Cleverbean dream? To make sure every child is given the gift of literacy and therefore a life of rich opportunities. To transform learning into a lifelong love, moving from ‘how to read’ into ‘how to learn from reading’.

Ultimately, we want to empower children by teaching them the most important lesson of all, so beautifully captured in Kobi Yamada’s book: that believing in yourself can help you to achieve extraordinary things.

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