What Do Teachers Do When They're Not Teaching?

The holidays. A time for rest, recuperation...and that question. Accompanied by a raised eyebrow, it usually goes a little something like this...

“What do you even do with all that time off?”

It’s a question every teacher knows all too well, and no matter how well intentioned the remark may be, we often feel a certain pressure to justify ourselves.

Getting tongue-tied trying to articulate how you do, in fact, spend all that time?

Check out our list of holiday pastimes and see if you can find yourself among the stereotypes, and enjoy drawing from them at random next time you’re confronted.

The Globe Trotter

You’re the subject of everyone’s envy, and why wouldn’t you be? While they’re plugging away at their desks, you’re gallivanting around the globe (or country these days) with a selfie stick. The downside? School holidays mean everyone else is traveling too, and there’s families (with children)...everywhere.

The Lingerer / Laminator

Most teachers head into school a couple of times during the break to get organised for the term ahead, but there’s a few of us who take it too far. You know who you are. Laminating next term’s wall material the week before Easter? It’s time to go home, immediately.

The Child Dodger

With the exception of our own children, most of us thoroughly enjoy having ‘child free’ time during the holidays. This comes as a surprise to many who automatically assume that teachers want children surrounding them constantly. A break spent amongst hoards of kids? That’s not a holiday.

The Brunch Fanatic

Brunch? Lunch? How about an aperitif? You love spending your holidays catching up with as many friends as possible, and it doesn’t hurt if the menu looks fabulous on camera. After months of packed lunches and canteen food, why not?

The Saint

Your nearest and dearest know all too well that holiday season has landed, and they’re not being shy about squeezing you for favours. It’s time to set some boundaries. Tell them you’ve earned your time off by working hard, and that running their errands isn’t really the reward you had in mind.

The Binger

Staying up to date with your favourite shows can feel like a task in itself during the school term. Luckily, we’ve got a whooolllllle lotta time to during the holidays to catch up. Did we mention how wonderful it feels to be a mere shimmy from your own fully stocked fridge? Mmmmmm.

The Panicker

Worrying about the term ahead before it has even begun. It sounds ridiculous. So why are so many of us wasting precious holiday time doing it?! It’s time to take a step back. Try to go for a whole day without thinking about school. Exercise helps. So does wine.

So, there you have it. A list to call upon next time the raised eyebrow comes your way. Better still, why not be brutally honest and state whatever it is you’re doing (or not doing) without making any excuses?  After spending the year working as an educator, nurse, friend, parent, problem solver, task manager, receptionist and behavioural specialist, you’ve earned every single minute of that glorious break.

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