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Phonics instruction focuses on teaching sound-spelling relationships and is associated with connection to letters. The phonics lessons provide creative and differentiated learning opportunities. Our lessons include modelled, guided and independent learning phases which offer helpful information, and can be tweaked to make the lessons your own. Phonics and phonological awareness are both crucial language skills that go hand in hand, however, are different in their teaching and learning outcomes. Check out how we approach phonological awareness.

Skills covered

Onset and Rime

Understanding onset and rime helps students decode new words when reading and spelling.

Phoneme / Grapheme Awareness

Students learn to recognise and understand the 44 sounds (phonemes) and the letters (graphemes) that represent them.

Phonemic Awareness

A focus on how the different sounds can be manipulated to create words.


Listens and understands that a word is made up of syllables which are chunks of sound.


Students listen and identify rhyming sounds within words to both decode and create new words.

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