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Fluency is reading accurately, smoothly and with expression. Fluent readers have automaticity when they read accurately and speedily. This is achieved with lots of practice. Reading fluency improves comprehension as students are no longer struggling with decoding words. The verbal nature of the fluency strategy means we have created these lessons with a variety of engaging ideas that are fun and clever to share out loud. Watch students as they enjoy hands-on lessons and explore creative ways to make their reading sound like a rockstar.

Skills covered

One To One

Spoken words to match printed words, shown precisely by pointing with finger.


Adjusts when reading aloud by grouping words together.


Attends to punctuation automatically to enhance the meaning of the text.

Expression / Intonation

Uses text punctuation to read with expression by changing their voice.

Skimming and scanning

Scans for words and sentences to find specific information.

Rate and accuracy

Reading rate is described as words read per minute and how accurate students are in decoding unknown words.

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