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Comprehension is having the ability to read and understand a variety of texts. Students with excellent comprehension have the ability to question, form opinions and reflect. Comprehension is vital in understanding a text, to connect and enjoy the love of reading. The lessons and units have been designed to create deep and meaningful ‘modelled, guided and independent’ opportunities, allowing students to explore and understand the different comprehension strategies. Lessons are differentiated and open- ended. They also include a formative assessment to help teachers with their own lesson development and ‘where to next’.

Skills covered


Creates mental images as they read, using their senses.


Makes correct predictions based on pictures and text.


Recalls and retells in a few words the important information or events from the text.


Develops self questioning to further engage with the text.


Uses own knowledge to make sense of meaning that is hidden in the text.


Self corrects independently when meaning is disrupted by pausing, repeating words and phrases, rereading and reading on.


Makes connections with: their own life, a known text, the world, or the text they are reading.


Retells important events in a story and shares opinions about the book. Gives a sequenced, oral retell of the main events in a text, referring to pictures if necessary.

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