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Benefits for teachers:

Teachers save time planning with premium units, lessons and resources.

Our promise to you is quality lessons that are explicit and tailored to different learning needs.

Work smart, save time, engage learners


Powerful time saver

As a time poor bunch, we want you to find the right units and lessons in a flash. Search for a book or curriculum outcome, and filter by grade and skills. Be saved from the scroll hole!

Explicit lessons created for you

Step by step units and lessons use modelled, guided and independent instruction for clear structure and to keep learning goals top of mind for students.

Targeted differentiation

Each student’s learning needs are varied, therefore each and every lesson offers a range of differentiation options. Discover how you can tailor each lesson for your own classroom.

Frequent assessment and feedback

Clear learning intentions, success criteria and assessment prompts help teachers assess each student's literacy ability and give clear explicit feedback.

Save, print or send editable resources to Google Classroom

Open ended and editable resources accompany lessons to give you the full package.

Gone are the days of standardised worksheets, use premium resources that generate ultimate creativity in students and allow them to get to work in a flash.

Share lessons to give opportunities for practice at home.

Select specific lessons to share with parents and caregivers to keep them involved in students' individual learning goals.

Enjoy many more benefits . . .

Linked to AU curriculum

Linked to AU curriculum

Lessons are linked directly to the Australian Curriculum, aligning to worldwide English literacy outcomes.

Save lessons for later

Save lessons for later

Favourite and save lessons for later, to save the endless scrolling.

Book recommendations

Book recommendations

To ensure you don’t have to spend hours searching for books to match lessons, book recommendations are suggested.

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Things people often ask about

Absolutely and we want you to have those lessons handy for when you are teaching in the classroom if working from a screen is tricky. To print using a mac: hold down the command key and press P. To print using a PC: hold down the control key and press P.

Provided you are teaching a child to read English, any teacher, parent or carer from anywhere in the globe can use Cleverbean. As an Australia-based company, we have prioritised linking lessons back to the Australian curriculum. With customer demand over time, we are open to doing this for other countries too. If you have any specific requests, contact us on

You sure can. Our lessons have been developed with remote learning as a key consideration so they can be done in the classroom or at home. Simple use the share button to send other teachers or parents some reading lessons. The independent tasks can also be used to set up activities for your students to complete. Although we recommend books to do with our lessons, they are designed to use with any text.

Once becoming a member (which is free and easy to do) You can access and use as many lessons as you like across the 32 skill groups available. We'll continue to upload new lessons every week so there is always something fresh to meet your needs. Happy browsing!

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